How to Turn Off Monitor Without Turning Off PC

Hello everyone, In this Article, I’ll show you guys How to Turn Off your Display Monitor without actually turning it off on your computer or laptop.

There are two methods that I am about to show you guys. And both methods are good depending on the situation.

For example, If I Once configure this, it can be like a double click to instantly turn off our display, Or when our computer is in an idle state for a certain period of time. Then it should automatically turn off the monitor.

For the first one we need to download a small software for this, It is completely safe and easy to use. You can download that from the link below. Once it’s done extract the file you don’t have to install. It’s portable so when you run this program, It will instantly turn off your display. And you can easily turn on your display back by moving the cursor or pressing anything on your keyboard.

Download Link –

And for the second method, We have to go to the settings and click the system, and then we have to click “Power & Sleep”. Here we can set the duration for the “Screen” of how much duration it needs to wait before turning off the display. This one is pretty good to use coz it will automatically turn off your display when your pc is not in use. It increases the lifetime of your monitor and also reduces the electricity bill.

And I hope this helps you guys, Please feel free to like this video and share your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe to our channel bye.


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