[Solved] Where Can I Buy CPU Cabinet Side panel Replacement?

Nowadays a lot of Computers have Tempered glass CPU Cabinets. Which is pretty looking and transparent. However, this beauty always comes with a cost. Even though this Tempered glass doesn’t easily get scratched. It is still glass. That means it will be easily breakable. Even if you handled it gently at some point, It will break regardless, especially If the CPU Sidepanel tempered glass was made of a cheap glass material. Glasses will get weaker as it keeps exposed to a heated environment. In our case, Our CPU will heat over time as we use it. Nowadays a lot of “Made in China” CPU cabinets are all around the world. Chances are your CPU Cabinet could also be one. It is not easy to find cheap unknown brand cabinet side panel tempered glass replacements.

But It’s not an end-of-the-world situation. We can still get a Transparent SidePanel replacement. Let me tell you what happened to my CPU cabinet side panel. As I was using my CPU for a long time and Tempered glass which is exposed to heat and cold simultaneously. Someday I decided to upgrade My PC. After Installing my Brand new “RTX Graphics Card” I was about to close the Cainet with Side Panel, That’s when the unfortunate thing happened, The Tempered Glass was broken on my Hand causing some serious injury, and a lot of blood came in my hand. That is when I decided to No more Tempered Glass or Glass based Products for stylish looks. But I didn’t give up on the Transparent Side Panel. I only gave up the idea of having glass products.

So I was looking for an alternative solution. That way it will be attractive as well as safe to use. I don’t want to buy a new CPU Cabinet as well. Because it is expensive and the old CPU cabinet will be wasted. So I decided to make my Side Panel. I couldn’t find the replacements anywhere. As no one was selling the side panel separately. So My CPU didn’t have any side panel for a week. I can’t stop using My computer during that time. So I used the Cardboard box paper as a temporary side panel, which prevented dust from building up inside of the CPU.

After a few days of thinking and I finally found a great solution to all of these problems and came around with this new product. It is called Acrylic Sheet. This material is Transparent and not glass. It is more like a Plastic Material and It is not easily breakable. It is stronger than glass. But It has only one con, You shouldn’t scratch the side panel on purpose. It is not scratch-proof. Other than it is a wonderful alternative. It won’t be affected by overheating from your CPU, It will keep the dust away and protect your CPU components from outside objects.

It is actually easy to make. First, you need to measure your CPU cabinet’s Height and Width. You can use measuring tape and Write it on a note. Then you have to Buy the “Acrylic Sheet” at a local store or If you are unable to find the store then you can even order it online. But when you try to buy this, You should also check the thickness and buy the right one. And This is exactly what I did. Once I got the “Acrylic Sheet” in My hand. I went to a Laser Cutting shop, It is where they cut almost anything with lasers. such as glass, plastic sheets, and much more.

I gave them the measurements of the side panel, which we got from the cabinet, and asked them to cut it for me. They only charged me like 50₹. And then I went back home and marked the screw holes with the “marker” and I used the drill to make a hole in it on all 4 sides. So I made a total of 4 screw holes. And Boom that’s it. We got ourselves a brand new side panel. Which is better than the Glass Panel. It works perfectly well. I hope this helps you guys. If you guys like this post Please Subscribe to get future newsletters, And feel free to Subscribe to Our Offical YouTube Channel as well. Thank you so much, guys. Peace! 😉

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