How to Unban All Members in Discord


Hello everyone, In this article, I’ll show you guys How you can set up auto unban in your discord server. Some people actually hacked our moderator account and ran the auto-ban command, Which banned almost more than 260 people, and Discord doesn’t have any unban-all feature.

So I figured out a different way to unban all of them. Because we can’t manually unban them one by one. So I made the process automatic. Okay, let me show you how. What you need to do is, Download the auto clicker software, and I have given the download link below. So you guys can download it easily. Once you have done that, open it.

Download it now –

There you can see an option called “Record and Playback” Click that one. It will open a new window and you can customize the Shortcut key If you want to, but it is a must to remember which is going to be your Start and stop button. Now you need to record the mouse moments. So keep the discord on the side just like me, and then press the shortcut key which you have set for the “start recording”. Now quickly you have to press the first name and do the unban. Once it is done press the same shortcut key to stop the “mouse moment recordings”.

This will remember what you just did and after the configuration, it will automatically do it for you. But make sure not to move your discord window. keep it as it is. And now you need to configure how many times it should do that for you. For me, It is around 261 people were banned and I want to unban all of them, So I will enter it like 261 people.

You can also set the “delay” for it. My computer is faster. So I don’t need that. but You can adjust it depending on your pc speed. And if you got any error click ok and it will go away. And now you need to press “F11” which is the start playback shortcut key. And see the results. As you guys can see it is actually unbanning all of the players. one by one. The thing is it doesn’t know who it shouldn’t unban.

So I am unbanning all of them. since the number of people who got banned is over higher numbers, It is hard to keep up. Once it is unbanned all of them, Press the “F11” button to stop the playback. I hope this helps you guys. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you.


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