How to Remove Invisible Barrier Blocks in Minecraft

Hi guys, I will show you guys How to remove invisible blocks in Minecraft. These invisible blocks are actually called barrier blocks. Some people who joined our Minecraft server used their hack client to spawn these blocks in our Minecraft world. Not only they did this, but They also summoned the Ender Dragons and Withers. And Those things are almost destroyed our spawn. It took some time to clear those creatures, And also We had to deal with these blocks. Otherwise, no one can pass through these blocks in our spawn.

So I will show you guys how you can do just that. You have to give yourself a barrier block using admin commands. Also, you have to switch your game mode into Creative mode. Otherwise, you can’t see those blocks. Whenever You hold these barrier blocks in your hand, those invisible blocks will start to become visible. Once you can see that, You can easily remove them, and the problem will be solved. It’s simple as that. You can also join our server to play in our world. It’s an Asian server.

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If you are from Asia, You can join and play without any lag because the Server latency will be lower. And So you won’t face any network delays. I have given our server link in the description below; you can join our server and enjoy it if you want. I hope this helps you guys. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, and I will see you guys later and bye. 🙂

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